Another week of African Skies on the Jazz Week Charts. I know I’ve said this already–but I’m so grateful for the Jazz Radio Folks in the US, Vancouver and Now on Time Warner & Comcast Cable TV. #9 this week.

We are beyond excited that our music is being shared by people who love our collective culture in Jazz.

We made top 10 lists with a few radio stations. Extra thanks to KRCC-Colorado, WEFT-Illnois, WFHB-Indiana, WHFC-Maryland, WOWD-Maryland, KFAI-Minnesota and WVIA-Pennsylvania, KUCI-California, KHSU-California, WXCI-Connecticut and WRRG-Illnois for making that happen.

Of course thank you to the all stations and web radio shows playing our music. We love making music! And we love when folks love listening to our music and being exposed to our music because of your support.

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