Debut Album “Pomponio” Makes JazzWeek’s Top 50 Chart For 8 Weeks and Top 100 for 26 Weeks and Counting

*jazzweek_2016.01.25_Most Added week 1, *jazzweek_2016.02.01_Chartbound week 2, *jazzweek_2016.02.08_Chartbound week 3, *jazzweek_2016.02.15_#46 week 4, *jazzweek_2016.02.22_#38 week 5, *jazzweek_2016.02.29_#39 week 6, *jazzweek_2016.03.07_#45 week 7, *jazzweek_2016.04.11_#48 week 8, *26 weeks later “Pomponio” still on the Top 100 jazzweek chart for 2016.

School Teacher/Drummer Jemal Ramirez Knocks it Out of the Park on ‘Pomponio’ Debut [REVIEW] By Mike Greenblatt

Out of San Jose, California comes this teacher of 200 public school students whose self-proclaimed mission in life is to promote instrumental music within the lives of people of all ages. To that end, consider this a wholehearted endorsement of Pomponio (First Orbit Sounds Music), the debut recording by drummer and educator Jemal Ramirez. It […]